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A Brief Introduction...

"NARAINS Corp" has been at the forefront, in representing up market properties in the city of Mumbai, Since 1971. Our range of services includes Renting & Sale of Residential & Commercial properties and corporate Relocation solutions. While representing the best of homes & offices; along comes the privilege & responsibility of catering to the most esteemed clientele, whose continued patronage is proof of our commitment to excelling in achieving customer delight.

We cherish our profession; which in turn lends us the passion for having evolved into a near generic name for some of the most sought after properties in the city. We aim to build an organization which provides global levels of client service etched with local solutions, while that would mean challenging accepted norms of the real estate industry. Our work ethics & values already meet standards of excellence, which is a pleasant surprise to many.

"We promise to deliver & deliver more than we promise". This is our corporate philosophy which drives us towards bringing you the finest property solutions. Our clients include a Variety of MNC’s Banks, Corporate, High networth individuals, NRI’S , Celebrities etc. A representative look of the same is on this link CLIENTS was the FIRST property related website in India in 1996. Our other websites are:,,,

amongst others.

A brief on the business proposal: "Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself".

"NARAINS Corp" would like to be home for The Leaders in Indian Real Estate.The "NARAINS Corp" Concept combines best and highest commissions and the best support services to attract the top agents and, increasing, the top newcomers, to real estate. Through the "National Association of Realtors" & "India Institute Of Real Estate" we have the most effective training.

Through the "National Association of Realtors" & "India Institute Of Real Estate" we have the most effective training.

We are the fastest growing Local company with Global presence.

Have one of the strongest National & International branding on the Internet and one to one relationship through the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations worldwide.

Driving the growth is the "NARAINS Corp" Concept - "Grow Together", created by top-producing property Consultants for top-producing real estate agents & associates. We link a fair and equitable brokerage management system with a powerful brand, extensive support services – and respect for entrepreneurial spirit. The result: a formula for agent success unmatched in the industry. Enjoy the pride that comes with running one’s own business.

"NARAINS Corp" Associates are perceived as being independent entrepreneurs. This earns the respect of industry peers and other professionals in the community. And most important, it generates an intense internal pride that comes from making your own way.

For New Entrants: If you’re looking for a career that enables you to control your workday and offers a direct correlation between your effort and reward - with unlimited potential on the reward side - then real estate sales might be a good fit. It’s not easy. But when you surround yourself with other serious professionals you realize an immediate benefit - because you see
first-hand the habits and strategies that work and you’re motivated to emulate the success you"re witnessing. That’s a core of the "NARAINS Corp" Concept - "Grow Together". Add in all the other advantages, and you can see that for some, "NARAINS Corp" isn’t just where you want to be at the peak of your real estate career, it’s also where you want to be at the start.

Unlimited opportunity to succeed:

At "NARAINS Corp" , your success is limited only by your ability, determination, and hard work - not by restrictions one finds in conventional real estate companies. At "NARAINS Corp" , quality people who are serious about excelling in the real estate business have the freedom to realize their full business potential. The professionalism and experience of existing "NARAINS Corp" Associates contribute to the success of each new Associate.

In addition, "NARAINS Corp" name recognition, reputation for quality service, and market strength - rapidly
becoming worldwide in scope - provide Associates a considerable advantage when competing for clients. If you dream of working with strong career professionals who strive to take their business and "YOU" to the next level, don’t wait another day.

The "NARAINS Corp" Concept - "Grow Together"

If you are interested in working alongside the real estate industry"s most productive practitioners, under one of the industry"s strongest brands – and as part of one of the fastest-growing real estate organizations in the country, write or call us.